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Which year and model is my SG?

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My Dad thought it was a 1968 SG Special and I remember him telling me he called to find that out (pre-internet, probably in the mid-'80s). I did some research a while back and my best guess was 1972 or 1974, can't remember. Any help appreciated. I did my best to block out the part that could be viewed as pornography. If I need to go further please just delete this thread and let me know.





Dad bought it in a pawn shop in Jacksonville, FL in around 1977. He had some neck work done to it and finished the rest of it himself. Some of the parts are handmade. It was the first guitar I ever held and he taught me power chords that day. In 2004 he was pretty close to losing his battle with cancer and had me come to NC visit. I walked into his home, he immediately told me to go down to the basement and play all of the guitars. About an hour or so later he came down and asked me which one I wanted. He had many that were worth more money and many that played better, but the choice was easy.


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post-99790-068590300 1553654065_thumb.jpg

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You do your father proud by handing onto that treasure, and I thank you for sharing it with us.


By that serial number, she was made in Kalamazoo some time between 1970 and 1972.


All the aftermarket modifications make a model identification difficult, I must confess.



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