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Got to play the 50th R9 today . . .


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Though they hadn't planned to, the local GC got a DB 50th R9 in yesterday and I got it all to myself for 2 hours in a back room today. I grabbed a Traditional off the wall to do a side by side playing into a Bogner Shiva.


I have now played a Studio, 2008 Standard, Classic, 2 Customs, a Supreme, a used 57 that had some issues, the Traditional and this 50th R9 is absolutely the best of the bunch. Never having the opportunity to play any vintage of R9, I wondered how much of the holy grail mistique was hype. Well, it ain't hype . . .


Of course, you can't justify the price difference. It's not THAT much better. But, it was simply a dream to play. The Traditional remains on my shortlist though.


Now all I have to do is win the contest tomorrow . . . like that'll happen. But, hey, if Gibson kept their word on only 10,000 entries, we do have a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning. By far better than playing the lottery!


I'd much rather play an R9. Of course, now I'm actually considering the purchase especially given that I turn 50 this year myself and I was quoted a sweet price compared to the $8500 MSRP and the $5999 online price. There are deals to be had though it's still hard to call a $5K guitar, "a deal".

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If the price of an R9 is the only thing stopping you from buying one you might be able to find a good used one. That's what I did. I Bought my 2005 R9 in 2006 for $3600, it was just like new with no dings or scratches, with the COA and everything. The plus is I got to see the guitar before I bought it.

The things I like about the R9 is the long neck tenon, and being a custom shop build, it will hold its value and you own an LP that has no limits to hold you back from being all you can be.

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hey guys' date=' don't want to let you down too hard, but i'm going to be winning that guitar tomorrow. just sayin =; [/quote']


Best of luck to ya. Me and a Buddy who is a PRS enthusiast are both entered so "we" have a 1 in 5000 chance of winning. If he wins, he's going to sell it dirt cheap to me and go buy a PRS he wants. Of course, I'll win though right?


I've never won anything ever . . . I'm due! :-#


And I turn 50 this year too. :-


Let's see . . . any more BS excuses to win? :-k

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