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Leaving Joliet


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I had written a song named "Joliet" and wasn't that happy with it, but our latest word prompt in the Facebook songwriting challenge I'm participating in was the word "carrot" and for some reason, it got me thinking about this song so I pulled it into the garage, hoisted it up on the lift, ripped out some parts and installed new ones and after sleeping on it, here it is. It is called "Leaving Joliet" and is about the impending closing of the Caterpillar plant there.


The lyrics:


Leaving Joliet

© 2019 by David Hanners


Morning sun bright as carrot orange

Mary’s at the stove, mumbles something ‘bout the mortgage

Asks me if I’ve heard back from anyone yet

But she knows work is hard to come by now in Joliet


Cat shut down, moved the line to Monterrey

Some Mexican does my job for 15 bucks a day

Now I watch the Des Plaines flow, smoke a cigarette

Wish I was that river leaving Joliet


We went on strike to get a fair contract

Wound up losing lots of ground we’d never get back

Robbed by modern desperadoes in their corporate jets

Flying high above the carnage of towns like Joliet


If you were born here, you dreamed of getting out

If you stayed, you worked the prison or the Cat

I assembled brake valves then checked for defects

Worked damn hard for the Cat in Joliet



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Alright Dhanners, all your stuff is good, could listen to it all day long, but it's all a history lesson. Regardless, I like it all so not knocking it, but I challenge you to stray from the path. Disregard if you've got know interest - but would love to hear a fun little ditty from you... I forget who it was, but 'bbbbbald babies' was a fun song.

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Another wonderful song...if you haven't already, you should put this stuff out on record, seriously great songs!


Thanks for the kind words. If we make it back to the U.S. this summer, I may record an EP. Got the musicians and a recording engineer lined up, and I'm using a firend's cabin on a pond out in the country near my hometown in Illinois for the studio. If we make it back, that is.

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Just teasing a little dhanner

I'm a fan of your stuff

Was a joke about the amount of factories closing in you songs


Ok. I didn't get it first time around.


I'm actually thinking of doing an album of songs about the current economy in the Midwest and howit has impacted lives and towns. A record full of happy, upbeat tunes....

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