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Can't Charge My Dark Fire?

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I'm having trouble charging my Dark Fire. I was away, so haven't used it in about a year, but now when I try to charge it, I get nothing. No lights, no charge, absolutely nothing...


I read online that a shorter cable might be required, and made sure I got the shorted (ONE FOOT!) stereo cable that I could find, and still, it shows no signs of life when I plug it into the charger. The charger's blue light is on, but doesn't change at all when I plug the guitar into it.


Any help appreciated!


I'm worried that my battery might be dead and in need of replacing, but if so, I have no idea where I'd do that, or if it's something I can do myself, or where I can find a replacement battery.


I'm in Dubai at the moment.



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FZ, Dark Fire are Gibson Guitars that had quite a compliment of electronics built in, (auto tuners, peizo pickup.. all kinds of "stuff"..) it was supposed to be the NEXT innovation wave for Gibson, but it kind of dropped off the table. you know how it goes sometimes?


I believe there was an internal battery pack to run all the bells and whistles. I'd pop off the access plates and see what is there. if it's user serviceable, it's gotta be easy to get to, or so you'd think?


There is a few links if you google Gibson Darkfire Battery, and I think there's a forum here: https://www.tronicaltune.com/forum/genii/?p=1


Failing any of that being of any help, I'd just drop a call to Customer Service. Someone HAS to know how to answer this. (FYI that this forum doesn't get a lot of visits from Gibson Customer Service/Support, so contacting them via phone if possible, is probably your best way to get this resolved)

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Any rechargeable battery not charged for any long period of time, will die and not charge.

Don't start your car for a year, it won't.


Rechargeable batteries should be put on charge at least 1 to 2 months

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