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Fretless Wonder

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I was wondering if anyone knew if the custom shop was able to do the fretless wonder fret profile on SG/Les Paul customs. I got a custom shop Trie Historic Black Beauty a few years ago and they told me they can’t, to which I never got a reason why they couldn’t.

So if that’s not the case and I can’t, does anyone have any info on how much it would be to install those frets on my current Black Beauty?

Was thinking about getting an SG/Les Paul Custom with those frets and if I can’t I’ll just get them on my Les Paul Custom.


I had the chance to play a late 60’s Custom with those frets and I felt a little cheated when my “replica” wasn’t a completely historic replica of a 1960 Balck Beauty which had fretless wonder frets. And yeah, I know that a lot of people put jumbo or medium frets because they didn’t like the low frets but I do.


Any help or info is much appreciated!



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Gibson Custom Shop stopped doing fretless wonder frets orders around 2007. They used banjo fret wire and filed it down.  I'm guessing the crown height would be 1/32" (.03125") or 1/64" (.015625").  I have heard that it was between .015" to .020".  I have also heard .024".  Hope that helps. 

I personally like fretless wonder frets and I never had problems doing bends and vibrato on them (though you do have to adjust you technique with them). I have also like using 7 1/4" radius necks on Fenders but that is another issue.


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