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Real or Fake LP Custom, or other?


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I'm thinking this guitar is NOT a LP Custom as the listing and truss rod cover claim. Cuz the serial number doesn't begin with CS. Could be wrong.


What do you think?








It's a fake, nothing Gibson about it aside from the stolen name.



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All that aside, don't confuse a 'Custom Shop' Gibson with the regular-customer-issue model known as the Gibson Les Paul Custom (LPC).


By that serial number the guitar, if genuine, would have been made in Nashville on June 20th, 2006.


The appointments all look correct, if it's that model.


Again, if genuine, she would be worth around $2,500 in the condition we can see there.



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in many cases, a close up of the bridge would be very telling, no such pic offered, also I'd find out whats under that truss rod cover, or ask to see what sort of "Tool" is used to adjust it.


PLUS,, that fretboard does not look like ebony or even maybe richlite depending on year IIRC, Customs do not come with Rosewood fretboards, and from that one pic of the neck


Looked like rosewood to me.


and the language here:

Brand: Gibson Description: Les Paul Markings: Serial # : 017160649 Model #: Item color: Black/Gold Item dimensions: 39 in long by 13 inches wide by 5 inches high Guitar Condition: good Case Condition: great Does the Bridge has lift: no Are the Neck and Body separating? no item was tested and works item has dust and some smudges


is a bit suspect to me..


I smell a CHIBSON...

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Let's just all focus on a world where used Les Paul Customs cost $20 ... ahhhhhhh


Aww shoot, I thought I saw $2000 initially... Well, a $20 fake LP... Quite a big difference in price, but still, I'd rather save my money for lunches than pick up a fake LP. That's just me though, others might find this to be an enticing offer for whatever reason.

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