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Always Happens

Steven Tari

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What is it,That everytime you plan for months on a project, when Its time everything goes to HECK? Keeping this short. First puppy gets sick so they can't ship her, Contractor changes start date by a week. Almost everyone that promised to work to help you, comes up with a last minute problem, just didn't show up or forgot. The weather turned to rain and snow for the next week. I'm glad I've matured. In my younger days I would have gotten upset, But being older and wiser( Like this ain't the first time this has happened in my life) I started by myself. My Wife, Daughter, and Son-in-law Helped me get the shed cleared out, Now I have to tear down the shed. My daughter and her family headed back to UP STATE New York today. And the beat goes on, And the beat goes on. [-o<

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