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What you have is a 1937 EH-150 lap steel, and yes it has value (just the pickup itself has considerable value, and is something that is still iconic and being copied to this day). You can search various websites (ebay, gbase.com, reverb.com, etc) to get an idea of the guitar's current value.


As far as dating, I use this online source: http://www.guitarhq.com/gibson.html#serial


Here is the section relating to your instrument:


Hyphen Factory Order Number with NO Letters, 1936 to 1943.

Pre-WW2 hyphen Factory Order Numbers are used mostly on lap steels. The format consists of a three or four digit number, a hyphen, then a one or two digit batch number. Only the first number (before the hyphen) determines the year.

1st Number range Year

----------------- ----

200-xx to 399-xx 1937

400-xx to 599-xx 1936, 1937

500-xx to 599-xx 1936 to 1938

600-xx to 799-xx 1936, 1938

800-xx to 999-xx 1936

1000-xx to 1599-xx 1937

1600-xx to 2999-xx 1938 to 1940

3000-xx to 5999-xx 1941

6000-xx to 6999-xx 1942

7000-xx to 7999-xx 1943

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Thanks for your information , I see on eBay just one but it’s sold also with the amplifier. Do you know anyone in Europe that might buy old Gibson guitars ? Or anyone willing to buy one from Europe. Im guessing I will get best price in the us

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