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Eppy switches

Kaiser Bill

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I've got two nice Espy guitars. A Joe Pass Emperor II and a 335 pro model. I can't keep pickup selector switches in either one. They last for a few months and stop working. The Joe Pass' switch has been replaced 4 times in 9 years, and now the 335 pro's switch is acting up. Whats their story? Are they using junk parts? My 2 Gibson LPs have selector switches in them and are still going strong after 16 years of playing? Whats the diff??

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Maybe I'm lucky but my now 15 year old Sheraton, no problems, hung on the wall since day one same as the others, dot studio cheapest of them all, no problems, my epi lp like said above needed a spray of contact cleaner once, union Jack Sheraton I'm sure came with switchcraft and cts pots stock, the cts pots can be scratchy none of my others are.

Try a 'better' quality switch maybe?

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