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Replacing a broken JINAH tremolo block


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Hi everyone,


I looking for help replacing a broken JINAH tremolo block on a 1990 SeriesA guitar. The distance between the 2 screws that hold the floating bridge (which only says "MFG FLOYD ROSE PATENTS") on seems like 2 13/16" or 71mm. This distance between strings seems like 10 or 11mm. See pics.


I have not had much luck matching one up online. Anyone know where I could find a Jinah tremolo bar replacement that would fit my guitar? Or maybe a complete floating bridge?

post-100229-036266400 1555286699_thumb.jpg

post-100229-052948600 1555287236_thumb.jpg

post-100229-038264200 1555287265_thumb.jpg

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Hey guys, same thing happened for me. I know I'm a johnny come lately but mine just broke putting some sweet DR neon strings on. This sucks. From what I have found however is the closest match other than salvaging parts from a donor is this upgrade Floyd Rose. It's pretty close. I think I'm going to give it a shot. The block on it is brass instead of pot metal.  Hope this help someone. 


Oh PS. Charlotte by charvel?


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Ugh, I also have a JINAH tremolo on my 1989 Korean Epiphone Strat-style guitar.  Like others, the tremolo block crumbled where the threaded bushing screwed into it for the tremolo arm. 

MiserysSaint, did you end up trying the Fastloader locking Trem System from Guitarfetish?  If so, did it work?    Mine looks exactly like the picture in the original post, but the on-center distance for my studs seems more like 73mm than 71mm.   


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