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Finally tried a LP Standard...NOT impressed! what is the fuss all about??


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So I finally got the chance to play a LP Standard, one from 1980, one from 2007, and another 2007 LP Classic.


What the heck are these Gibson snobs talking about when dissing the Robots and the DF in favor of the LP Standard???


I had all 4 sitting right there for the whole day for my auditory testing and enjoyment, and I must tell you that today I am prouder than ever for owning a GOR.


My GOR has all 3 absolutely beaten in terms of tone, playability and sustain.


So here is where the GOR shines:


-Sustain: I actually measured it with a stopwatch! The GOR got all the other 3 beaten (by more than 4 seconds in worst case), and the string action is very similar on all 4. I tried on the 5, 7, 12 and 15th fret..the GOR just have that beautiful sustain..


-Tone: To my ears the GOR sounded better than the 3, but this is pickup configuration and subjectif


-Playability: The ebony fingerboard beats all the other fingerboards in term of tactile feel, smoothness...and it looks much better too :)


Here is where it shines less:


-Neck profile: preference, I find the GOR's neck profile a bit too thick


-Appearance: I don't like the blueburst...it looks very cold to me...Every other guitar I tried that day I found it better looking...except for the neck...but the blueburst is growing on me. Maybe I will like it one day.


So honestly I do not understand people that dismiss the Robot without even trying it. Screw the body binding on the Standard if that means that I will have to live with a Rosewood fingerboard.


IMHO, the GOR is superior to a LP Standard or an LP Classic, and I would never trade it for either....I got offered the 1980 Silverburst LP Standard for 1400$, and I refused even though I went there with the intent to either buy it or exchange my GOR against it.


I am glad that tonight I will be sleeping with my little blue guitar still has it's place on my rack.

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