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Hi folks


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My name is Larry and I’m located in CT (US).


I came to this forum while researching Epiphone Casinos since I recently picked one up. I’ve been updating it a bit: sent the pickups to Jason Lollar for a 50’s rewind and ordered a new pre-wired harness with 50’s style wiring and quality parts.


I’m also interested in eventually picking up an R9. Right now I play a Larry Corsa Peter Green model (non-Gibson).


But mostly I play mandolin and also banjo. I run this website: https://brentrupmandolinregistry.wordpress.com/ , which is an archive of mandolin builder Johann Brentrup.


I like the Beatles, 60’s rock, bluegrass, The Grateful Dead, reggae, Indian, and a lot more.


Best, Larry

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Welcome, Larry! that is certainly an eclectic range of musical interests. I was raised on all kinds of music as well, since my Dad was an audiophile who entirely built his stereo, except for the turntable. Our house was wired for sound, but I am the only one who became a musician. This is a cool place. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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