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What is the 'New Collection in 5 Days' on the main Gibson site?

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Have not heard a thing...


What 'new collection'?







I think It just means you will be able to buy them. I just went to MF site and you I only clicked on one 2019 Gibby and it said Reserve Now, not Add To Cart. I could be wrong I am a Zappa fan.



A white BB King? Did they realty think this through? They are 5.5k. Used ones I saw anywhere from 2k to over 10k for signed ones. Anyone wants to give me 5.5k for my red one with a Pre-Raid Ebony fretboard I'll consider it. Man those are gonna stay on the shelf for a long time. A few thou less and you could have a 335. Still pricey but less.


On the site is says 10 days as of now, not 5.

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Jinder I am with you on that ES275. Been transfixed by that thing for awhile. Not in the works though. I have an ES137 which I love and it would have to go to justify the 275.

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