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vintage tobacco sunburst melody maker


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Reading through some forums, I came across a chart that had dates on the years that the Melody Maker first came into production, till the end of that era, the list went like this (59 to 60 single cut away les paul jr.) (60 to 64 double cut away) ( late 64 to 65 body style changed, and end of tobacco sunburst color,it was cherry color for 1 year to 65 ) (66 and onward fire engine red & light blue, stayed pretty much the same till 70s end of production) 70s melody maker replaced by the S/G, i found this on winpeida or however they spell it, my real quest was to find out what (styles) of Klusons they used on said above model, reason being My dad back in 1962 received a brand new tobacco sunburst Melody Maker straight from the music store still fresh in the box, my mother bought it for him as a Christmas present when she brought it out rapped in paper it was obvious what it was and the first thing i thought was boy this is mine how wrong i was,I was only 8 at the time but kept my cool, the guitar never left the farm for repair or

mods, until a few 15 years or so, it was handed down to me, and like a fool because it wouldn't stay in tune i removed the tuners, stored them away for safe keeping and replaced them with Grovers, Kluson had several styles of tuners no line single line and double line the real clincher the ones i kept where the double line ,so when i looked these up on the kluson site they had double line (1963)in bold lettering, and to make it more harder,underneath this they had 64 to 65 may i get struck by a lightning bolt

if i am tell-n a fib when i say that it was never taken in for repairs or mods, if i might say Gibson was a major client of kluson and had first dibs on the new line before 63

thats the only way i can explain them be-n on that guitar from the get go 1 more thing this set of tuners has plastic tulip heads and not the all metal ones, does someone out there have one like this ?


EAR POPPERpost-100462-060862700 1556077599_thumb.jpg

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