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2019 Les Paul Classic Binding Discoloration


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I just noticed that the edge of the binding my 2 month old Les Paul Classic started turning dark gray where my strumming hand meets the body.




I have a very dry skin and I suspect maybe some of my moisturizers might be the culprit. I'd like to figure out what might have caused it to avoid further damage. Anyone else experienced similar thing?

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Moisturizers and nitro sounds like a bad combo (or a peculiar Pride Parade anthem). Bet that's the culprit.


I wouldn't worry about it though. They say exposure is the key to curing OCD, and after a few dates abroad I'd gone from scrutinizing to "well, there's still a NEST in the amp but I think we lost the bats near Belgium, so it's all good. And no fungi on most of the fretboard. All set!" Highly recommended.

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