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Gibson Chet Atkins value

Carlo Compiani

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Hello everyone,


I'm a happy owner of a 1997 Gibson Chet Atkins Studio CEC.

Surfing the internet I noticed that this model has recently been sold at a price of 4,000 / 5,000 $, since it seems to be a rare model.

Can someone tell me if it really is a rare model and what the price could actually be (the guitar is in good condition)?


Thank you!

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That seems to be alot. Theres a pawn shop up here , they have it listed at a grand Im going to take a guess and say maybe 1500 tops. Unless its a fleur de lie model


Thank you for your answer.


It isn't a fleur de lis model (for that model I found a bid with a value around $9,000).


For my standard model, I've found on internet only three old bids (I attached screenshots of them).

post-100555-087024800 1556552498_thumb.jpg

post-100555-065161600 1556552522_thumb.jpg

post-100555-026419200 1556552533_thumb.jpg

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"Players have commented that this instrument is one of the finest guitars that Gibson has ever produced and that its tone has more of a midrange character than ES 335". 

In 2005, the last production year of the Country Gentleman it retailed for $4702, versus the ES-335 which retailed for $3683, and L-5 was $10,913.  Also, it usually had a retail price greater than that of the L-4 (in 1990 the L-4 retailed for $1875 whicle the CG retailed for $1995).  I am trying to collect more historical retail prices as well.             640071553_ScreenShot2019-06-17at3_31_58PM.png.dd6e114ef571eadf1e1ebd0f411c136f.png

Here is custom 1987 (first  year production) which was built by Jim Hutchins with many custom features, including an L-5 neck (i saw at least two more so called Gibson Chet Atkins CG/L5).  I can only say that it sounds and plays like a dream.  The frequency response is rich full of beautiful harmonics and dynamic range, the simplest chord played sounds like a whole orchestra (via a Fender tube amp Princeton Reverb with a Celestion 12" Cream alnico speaker).  Ideal for recording studio quality (jazz, country, blues, limited rock (due to thicker strings not sound, and longer neck 25.5" more difficult to bend that 24.75" neck tension with thinner strings.  For that I use the Les Paul).  I love this guitar so much that I wont part of it for even $7000  (just saying to place a monetary value on it.  I'm not selling it).

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I had a CEC and a SST. Nice guitars. I paid about $1000 each and sold them for about the same.  That was a few years ago. The Price Guide book list the CE and CEC 1200-1600. The SST at 975-2000.  The Country Gentleman 2100-2800. These are the standard models. This book is usually a little high. Reverb is a good source for seeing what they actually sold. If you look on EBay you will see prices all over the place but those are just sitting there because they’re overpriced. Especially the Japanese market. 

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