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New Model Line Released


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Since this is not an option... at over 6k...






Maybe this is in the cards this year... at $1,699





Not sure if I like this for $300 less... it does have an inlay logo, and I can change the toggle and add a pot, and cover the pickups like a civilized person....


Edit: **** it... gig bag.... ****ity **** **** ****....



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Surprisingly for me, I actually really like the Modern... Apart from probably wanting to change the clear knobs out I like it all [thumbup] (well maybe apart from the price :) ) They say they have an Ebony board though.. That one doesn't look like ebony.



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I can't wait to play the new ones and see how they compare. I'd love to have a Goldtop with humbuckers and a tobacco burst but definitely don't like the light back on the tobacco burst. It's an excuse to go play them though.

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at $1500 for a studio in the modern section with absolutely NO modern appointments, they can kiss my big fat behind. 490/498 which i never liked, no fast access heel. it's ridiculous, and i'm glad i bought my studio pro 5 yrs ago at a far more reasonable price. [cursing]

Or you could buy a brand new Les Paul Studio Deluxe IV Iced Tea from the Clearance section in Guitar Center for only $1449. The clearance deals are crazy good, but won't last long.



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I got my BB King for 2.5k in '09. Levi's boy wants 5.5 now. I have an ebony fretboard. Now they come with pressed resin wood particles. Nope. Keep her skinny jeans I ain't playing.


Seriously just make LP's, SG's and J-45's. It the only thing people want. Maybe an occasional 335.


I agree for the most part, but all this talk of Albert King in some of the other posts has me hankerin' for a flying V

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