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ES-339 Truss Rod adjustment


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Does anyone have any suggestions for the truss rod adjustment? My ES-339 was essentially flat, and I had to back off the pressure on the truss rod. The Gibson Les Paul calls for a .010 clearance on the 9th fret, while you hold down the string on 1st and 14th fret; but there is no spec for neck curve on the ES-339 user manual. Any input would be appreciated.


My bridge height is currently to spec.


Thank you.

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It depends on how you like your action (high or low), but a good rule is to adjust the neck flat, and then back off the truss rod 1/8th of a turn to give just slight relief. This advice came from Gibson Custom Shop on setting up guitars. I like my action about as low as I can get it without any string buzz, and this method has worked well for me on Les Pauls, CS336 and CS356.

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