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ES-339 string recommendations


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This 339 is my first venture into the electric world of six strings. I've been in the acoustic world for 30 yrs. +. I need some recommendations for strings. I plan to play some western, and blues type stuff. I can play around with different brands and gauges, but I need a starting place. thanks

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I always use D'Addario XL Nickel Wound 10 gauge on my 335 and have used same on a 339 a had a couple of years ago. They give the best general all-around tone of all the strings I've tried. That would be the aforementioned and Gibson Bright-wires.

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Pure Blues 10-46.


+1 on DR Pure Blues

I find that the small bodied Gibson semi-hollow guitars can trend a little bit "bright" sounding and the DR's seem to be a little warmer sounding than, say, D'Adarrios on my CS-356 to my ear. But feel free to experiment in the coming weeks/months. Try different ones until you find one you like - strings are the cheapest mod there is (other than screwdriver adjustments to pickup height, which can also make a big difference on these).

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Not specific to the 339, but I am loving the D'adarrio NYXL series. They seem to last longer and give a more robust sound. I believe they are made with titanium or some unusual metal or alloy hence they're rather expensive. I use .008's, but then I like a very low action on low frets and I have a soft touch with my fretting and strumming hands. I play a lot of solos so I like the easy bending of 8's. 


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