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Bob Colosi bridge pin size for 2017 J45 Standard?


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I know the size's tend to be a little all over the place but can anyone tell me what size of pins I would need to order to fit my 2017 J45 Standard?


Colosi lists the following sizes: 1T, 1.3T, or 2A



Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Having ordered several sets in different sizes from Mr Colosi I have found that none of them are the best fit when ordered from his pin-size-to-builder guide. Not his fault......Gibson and others are just not that consistent when it comes to pin hole boring/reaming. I've taken to ordering the largest under-head diameters and sanding them for a perfect fit. The last set I ordered for the blue Hummingbird were 0.225" under the head and fit perfectly without sanding........none of Bob's listed Gibson sizes are that large. Buy them oversized and work them down to fit.

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