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OK, so I have this guitar and it's just sitting around collecting dust because my tastes in tone have changed and it's a too valuable and precious to take out to gigs(which I have done a few times and have always been uncomfortable so I end up hovering around it like some over-protective mother. And since my tone tastes have changed so much I probably won't end up recording with it, it's ceramic pick-ups are super hot. Right now I'm more interested have guitars that I can gig out with so I want to free this up so I can get some more practical gear for my current tastes.


Here it is SN# TI 142, Cherry, sterling silver cross inlays, all the minor modifications that Iommi had put in it, like the neck joint and shape, sperzel tuners, no-pole-piece-having all ceramic pickups, the input jack is on the side instead of the top(which is the smartest idea ever on an SG). It plays AMAZINGLY!!! I can't tell you what the action and sustain feel like on this baby. And it does come with the Orignal Hard Shell Case.


I'm asking $5000 plus shipping, which is what they've been going for on Ebay for the last year. I will consider reasonable offers, but I don't need to get rid of this thing for the cash, I just thought it should go to a home where someone might have a better use for it that I would.


Check out the pictures here: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tbreeding/


I apologize for my lack of camera skills.


Email any questions or offers to: timothy.breeding@bp.com

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