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Oasis "Slide Away Ton

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I am in the process of recording "Slide Away" by Oasis but having issues with the Lead Guitar tone.


My issue is that I am struggling to get all the gear on the correct settings/positions to achieve the tone Noel Gallagher used on the track.


Here is a list of gear I'm using:


- Epiphone Les Paul 2016 model



- Marshall DSL100HR Value Head

- Marshall MX412AR Angled Speaker Cab



- Jim Dunlop GCB95 CryBaby Wah Pedal

- Ibanex TS9

- Boss DD-3

- Boss CS-3


Any help with me appreciated to achieve the tone required.

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I don't know whether it was specifically used on "Slide Away," but I wouldn't be surprised...


You have the right guitar and amp for the Noel Gallagher tone, but you're missing one vital piece of equipment that is all over his early Oasis recordings:


An Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer, I'm not sure the TS9 gets you close enough, although, to be honest, I'm surprised it doesn't.


Maybe you need one of those, or something that does a really good job of emulating it, to turn yourself into early-mid-1990s Noel?


You may also need: eyebrows that join in the middle, a parka, an obstreperous younger brother with whom you feud a lot, a Man City shirt from the days when they were languishing in lower divisions and, unlike today, winning nothing, and the ability to pronounce "Our kid" in a Burnage accent.

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Your close for his live set up at the time, but who knows what he really used to record the tracks.

I know he had a vox ac30 around this time and had a mild obsession with orange amps, orange altered one for him around 95 I think.

The roland space echo was also a huge part of his sound.

Then on to guitars, Noel claims he wrote slide away on a 1960 lp 'given' to him by Johnny Marr but I think he had smashed over someone's head by the time they recorded the album, i think Marr then gave him a lp custom. He also had access to epiphone semi hollows and who know what was in the studio.

Ultimately you will get close but just enjoy it.

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He had smashed the Les Paul from Johnny Marr over someone's head at a gig in Newcastle in 94. Marr then gave him the same LP that he used to record the queen is dead as a replacement

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