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1930;s Gibson J-35 on Flat top Friday


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Nice guitar. The bridge is lacquered over, which you sometimes see, but this one also looks like it might have had a top re-spray over areas that were worn through to bare wood. Hard to judge this for sure from a video.


The fretboard has probably been planed, since the divots look very much like what you see left behind at the deepest point of normal divots after you've taken a board down as much as you can. Those don't look like 1930's frets, either.


Demos in non-standard tuning don't make it for me, as they can alter the normal voice so much that you don't know what it will sound like in normal tuning.


It sounds really nice, however. Would like to hear it in EADGBE, with more conventional playing style.


Fortunately, my Gibson slope-J 'hog gas is under control right now.

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