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New Slide = New Track


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Thanks HH!


Yes, real African Ebony slide from Taylor stocks. It does not have as much sustain as a glass slide, I may have played the tune faster because of, but it has a great warm tone! And it is light.


Forgot to mention guitar is the BK in Tonedexter. (Vol wheel in soundhole turned right down and the TD wavefile (sound image) only just on a bit.... no mic on the guitar, just plugged, but some spill in the vocal mic.





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Good stuff BK, do you think the ebony slide will replace your glass?


As an aside- on my way home last night some blind willie mctell came across the radio - was going to see if you could cover it, but for the life of me cant remember the name. Had Memphis Minnie on it as well.


Regardless - pretty good young man!

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Thanks Murph and Billroy!



The Ebony slide is a keeper! Longevity is a question. Probably split in half, don’t know....but the glass slides don’t mind shattering if dropped or left in a bag or case unprotected. My Diamond Bottlenecks are wonderful for tone and sustain, and I bought spares at the time. May need a spare Ebony? Yet to know but I imagine I could chuck the Ebony in a bag.


It is cool though and who knew you could have a wood slide, eh?





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That's the stuff BK. the tone of the slide seems to be a bit rounder?? than glass.. I usually use either glass or brass.

you got my senses up now for trying an ebony one. Sounds like it's somewhere between brass and glass.



was that open or standard tuning.


I used to play more slide than I do now, I should really get back on it.. there's really is just a lot more to it.

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