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1 minute ago, Mutha said:

Rabs, you beut! That worked, tryin` for bleedin` days I was.

Now can you figure out why I can`t get into the fretboard please 🙂

Cool... It worked   🙂

The Fretboard..   Whats the issue?

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1 hour ago, Rabs said:

I had some issues at first...  It was something to do with my display name vs my actual registered user name which is different for some reason.  I think in the end  I logged in using my display name rather than my actual user name.. But I cant remember now..

The display name is indeed what is used for logging in now. Having both a username and display name as used in the previous version of the forums is not supported. 

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After reading this, logged in with my screen name, and it worked. It would have been nice if that had been pinned at the top of the thread so we'd know what to do. I had just about given up on this after three days of frustration, after being on this forum for a decade.  How can you expect us to intuit that the registered user name would not be supported, as it has been for years?  How counterintuitive is that?


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On 5/23/2019 at 10:20 PM, AdminHC said:

We're looking into popping up a less dramatic "night mode" for those who want a darker background.


Any progress on this?  It would be much appreciated as it still hurts my eyes a bit being on here..  

Cheers  🙂 

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In case you didn't know each large area of the thread has a little description under it to tell you what its about (example):

Gibson Lounge

General Discussion Area.

Makes sense right

This one is my favorite.

Gibson - Germany

Gibson - Germany

If you didn't understand the first like the description cleared it up.

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