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2018 gibson les paul limited run les paul signature player plus


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👍 I like mine except not so much the BB Pro pickups. I was going to get 57 classics but ended up  simply (and cheaply)  swapping the A5 magnets with A2 magnets and like it much better.  I also added brushed nickel bridge, tail and pickup covers just for looks. 


For comparison, I also have the P90 version in blue.

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The naming convention from, at least from 2016 to 2019 was a bit unfortunate and somewhat confusing to people unfamiliar with Gibson's lineup. For instance, people understandably confused the Studio Faded with the Studio, including some listings on Reverb and used GC stuff. Then the 2019 had the Faded Tribute, which, spec-wise, were more akin with the Faded and people understandably though it was a downgrade from the previous tribute models. I like the new naming convention much better. There was also the Traditional, which now is Standard 50s. The 2016 and 2017 had Traditional and High Performance specs, so you'd see a Traditional T vs a Traditional HP, or a Standard T vs a Standard HP. Regarding the OP, I've tried the 2018 Classic Player Plus with P90s recently. I intended to just play it for a little bit and move on to the next guitar. However, I could not put the guitar down. I ended up playing it for several hours. I absolutely love those guitars. If I wasn't saving up for an R9, I would have purchased that guitar. The one I tried was set up quite nicely and played really well. I didn't have measuring tools with me, but I liked the neck relief, the nut was slotted to perfection and the fret job was impeccable. I perhaps would've lowered the action at the bridge just a hair, but I felt it was within the suggested range. The guitar was a bit on the heavier side, but not an anchor by any means. The weight was well distributed so I would wager that it would still feel nice when playing standing up. The neck profile was mouth watering. Just the perfect Goldilocks balance, not to thin nor too fat. The P90s pickups were absolutely phenomenal. The kind that sounds so good you feel like your insides are melting. Very versatile. I played a bit of jazz, blues and classic rock and the guitar just responded extremely well at everything. I mainly stuck with trying out the P90s version, because, although I like the BB pros, I much prefer other Gibson pickups. 

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