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SG nightmare finish problem

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Hey guys aaaaand lady’s

So, here’s basically the situation. I bought an SG used about 6 years ago, played it hard on tour and put it away wet with no issues. It had been sitting in it’s case in my studio for about 3 months since the last tour.until recently when I opened the case and looked at my beautiful guitar and saw that not only had the finish yellowed but a lot of it was flaked and peeling up like baaaad because some deleted that came before me decided to put poly on top of a nitro finish. How do I know this you ask? Well, two reasons... one, I used to be a guitar tech and two, i’m also a mixed media artist so I know my finishes well and how things react to each other so, when I saw that the finish was yellow and flaking I knew exactly what had happened. Which also explains why it was a slow burning fuse I.e. not knowing what they had done when I bought it 6yrs ago and (depending on what type of poly was used some sort of spray I assume) it taking this long to blister and rear it’s ugly poly head. There was ABSOLUTELY no way around me having to sand it down with a high grit just enough to get the poly off but still saving as much of the original nitro underneath as possible. I’ll attach photos so you can see what this deleted did. So, with all of that said here’s the question... I know how nitro reacts with let’s say refinishing a table top and how the old will chemically react and melt into the new almost seamlessly depending on the different properties in the lacquer you choose but, as I’m sure you all know furniture lacquer isn’t the same as instrument lacquer because you need it to expand and contract with the wood. I’ve looked all over the Internet and can’t seem to find the answer to my question as to what lacquer I should use and if it will indeed blend with what is already on there after I sanded it out. Honestly, I don’t mind old and worn. That’s how almost every one of my guitars are but, what I WILL NOT stand for is a flaking finish due to some idiot putting some deleted on the guitar when they knew nothing about what they were doing before they did it. This has been a nightmare so if anyone knows and can help it would be greatly appreciated;)

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Man, that sucks when you buy something used, and the history from the previous owner is a mystery. Kind of takes the "good faith" stuff we rely on for these transactions and sets fire to it.


Have you had any professional repair guys that do refins look at it?


stripping it all off and a complete redo sounds the only true way out. I can't imagine how much that would run, but it may be more than the guitar would be worth. Then again, if the guitar is worth it to you..

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