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I'm still a member of the AA (no, it's the Automobile Association).


Used to like (actress) BB back when I was young.....


Blues guitarists should listen to BB, Jazz guitarists should listen to CC, surf guitarists should hear DD.


And they have just released a posthumous album by J.J.


It's Friday!

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You are all wrong ... This is for Doris Day who died just a couple of days ago. The lady was an icon, and a very talented one at that. RIP...




I didn't know that. Pillow Talk is my fave Doris movie.


(BTW, I usually don't respond to enigmatic posts)

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...Pillow Talk is my fave Doris movie...

A couple of months ago I saw a Hitchcock film which, somehow, I'd never seen before entitled "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and the female and male leads were played by the (possibly) unlikely pairing of Doris Day and James Stewart. The reason I mention it was because it was the film in which Ms. Day introduced the enormously popular and vastly successful song 'Que Sera Sera' to the world.



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