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old acoutic don't know what it is please help me


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i have this acoustic guitar i got from my uncle it's an epiphone i don't know what it is the #'s in it are as follows

epiphone 6830

no. 109535

and it says kalamazoo, michigan

i think it's from 1983

the neck is kinda of tilted and i want to fix it so if you can please help tell me what i have to do

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Just because the label says its 'Union Made' doesn't make it so. This model definitely was NOT.


The tuner buttons probably are pearloid plastic shaped a bit like fleur-de-lis, and would look more at home on a classic guitar.


This was the very early first batch of Epiphones made in Japan at Matsumoku / Aria in 1971. These may have been Aria model numbers. I've heard of one incidence where the 6xxx model number was suffixed with a letter "E'. Ostensibley to differentiate the Epiphone version from the Aria version.


It appears that at first production, they used left over K'zoo labels that read 'Union Made' in the lower left corner below the frame. I've seen these that have, decades ago had this 'Union Made' blackened out with marker and 'Made in Japan' rubber stamped next to it. Some missed this operation. The blackening out has since faded and you can read 'Union Made' through it nice as you please. Eventually Matsumoku had their own labels printed up... identical to the blue, K'zoo label, but without the "Union Made" and "Made In Japan" printed in the lower right corner.


Post and/or read threads over on Epiphone's forum for details. Search for 6830. The serial number? meaningless. These are the only Japanese built Epiphones that can be aged: 1971. After that physical description and pictures are needed to get to within about a 3-4 year spread. The 6xxx nomenclature didn't last long and was replaced by the FT- nomenclature borrowed from decades previous Kalamazoo made Epis.


Epi Forum: http://forums.epiphone.com/ Then click on Acoustic. Then begin a 'Search'


"The neck is .. tilted." If by this you mean the strings are pulling the entire neck up.. there's a fix I've used with great success over on the Epiphone forum as well. It's linked in the threads that discuss this short lived model number nomenclature.

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