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2012 ES-335 tune-o-matic bridge


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Hi everyone. First post on the Gibson Forums. Thank you for having me!


This morning while changing my strings I realised my Tune-O-Matic bridge has started looking a little tired. Seems as though my sweat from my palm has corroded some of the metal plating off and has even begun showing signs of corrosion in the screw hole(?) to the left as seen in the picture below.


Is this a common problem? I'm a bit surprised this is happening to be honest considering how much it cost. Yes the guitar is a workhorse and has gotten me through many gigs and shows and I do take care of it. Will I need to replace the bridge sometime soon or should I just wait for it to eventually corrode and crack?


Thank you for any ideas or comments!



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It's going to last a long, long time. Every year or so I would take it apart, clean and oil the threads on the saddle screws, and keep using it. It will look old and funky but it's not like it's ever going to rot through. And if it gets to the point where the aesthetics are too bad for you, just buy a new bridge and put the old one in the case pocket so you keep the original part, for whatever value that may have in the future.


It's all good. Use it, try to wear it out. Bet ya can't.

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Plated metal looks crummy on every git on every brand sooner or later, even car bumpers do.


The only possible somewhat delaying the issue solution would be to make a bridge from stainless steel, even then, it's "Stain-LESS" not stain proof.

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