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This morning I couldn’t pull up the forum.  And, then tonight, the forum’s got a brand new look!  I like the change.  Seems a lot more modern looking, but still with everything intact!  I wonder if uploading photos now decently works.  I see a place to easily upload.  But, I am so used to not being able to upload from my iPhone, that I have nothing to upload.


QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff

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Was obvious in the last format to see which threads had been read and which hadn't 


I'm not knocking the new setup , much better than last 

Just wondering am I missing the indication that I've read that thread ?


Ok , can now see that the headline is in a bigger font when a new reply has been added 



Now I'm having trouble replying without it opening my previous post , as if I was editing it , but how do you just do a new reply ??


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Yes, it does, , , very new to put it straight. I hereby try  doin' the same as always to see what happens.  

2006 ~ JyiU63s.jpg


So far so good - next post will contain a video. 





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So here is vintage Stones with a ballad and 1 ceramic saddle. 

Gibson Heritage - performance E. Sullivan 1966 ~ 


Okay, , things are different - now it's a matter of gettin' used to the new bar room.
Guess there are corners to investigate.  
Then just enjoy the change. 

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Glad to see they updated the software, that was long overdue. And nobody else has noticed a major change... the site is now using a secure https connection. 🙂

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