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A GUITAR thread by Neo - under rated players


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I'm reading a book by one of my all-time favorite guitarists, Don Felder of The Eagles.

The guy was so vastly under-rated and overlooked by the media, partly due to the mighty ego issues of Don Henley and Glenn Frey, and it's a sin he never thought much about it until it was far too late.


His book is called Heaven and Hell, it's very well-written and informative.

Pick it up if you can.



Another guitar player I've always thought was grossly unappreciated is Mike Campbell.

He came to fame as one of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, and as it turns out he and Tom were in and out of the Eagles picture before any of them ever made a record - and long after the Eagles split.


Campbell did tasteful guitar work for dozens of other artists over the years, notably the haunting fills in The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley in 1985.


Here's one that will make some players laugh, but Paul Stanley of Kiss is a rhythm player who was the glue for them.

Tasty riffs from Paul Stanley, despite all the glitz and theatrics.


When your guitar chops are on millions of records and radios around the world, when everybody says "Hell yeah!" and starts doing air-guitar to your licks - but nobody knows your name - what a shame.


I've started threads like this several times before, and I always enjoy the responses.

There are others I have in mind, just wondering who you guys think should be better known.





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Mike Campbell would have also been one of my first choices.


I haven't heard much from him lately, but I would add Steve Lukather to the list. He played with Toto, which really isn't known for being a "guitar" oriented band but he is a very talented guitarists who has played on many sessions and has done some solo stuff too.


Rosewoody beat me to Skunk Baxter too.

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I always thought Pat Travers was a pretty bangin' guitar player, and that cat was with him in later years...Pat Thrall I believe his name is? Lesee...who else? Rod Price of Foghat fame. Frank Marino. Jeez, gimme a while, I'll come up with some more.

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All great choices here! Well people of the 50s knew Les Paul himself was a virtuoso. But today most people only know him by his guitar. I think he's still great. Check

and this out. There are so many other players that come to mind for me. Let's see here:
, Rik Emmett,
to name a few.
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I'm big-time in the Mike Campbell camp. The guy's sound and playing style has defined Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.


Another of the most under-rated guitarists is Brad Whitford of Aerosmith. He's always been branded "the other guy" in the band.


I also think Pete Anderson is very under-rated. His guitar playing certainly was a huge part of Dwight Yoakam's sound.


And one more: Frank Marino. That guy is the epitome of a Les Paul wielding guitar god. Don't believe me. Just put on Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Live. His versions of Johnny B. Good, Purple Haze, and King Bee are way cool guitar treats.

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Good stuff!!!



Sam Roberts' date=' Eric Johnson, and Davy Knowles.[/quote']

I know Eric Johnson, who are the other two cats?


Mick Ralphs of Bad Company is a HUGE player for me, along with Paul Rodgers being probably my favorite singer.

Bad Company was one of my biggest influences.



Rod Price of Foghat is another, sadly he's dead and I won't see him onstage again.


Lukather of Toto grabbed me by the short and curlies with Hold The Line.

(I was barely old enough to have any curlies....)

Cool old school piano, BIG drums, and then that guitar riff. Great vocals, then that guitar solo.

He wrote it when he was only 19.

Fantastic pop song that f-ing rocks!


Andy Sumners, yep, NOBODY knows his name but look at the millions of fans who know his songs by heart.


Elliot Easton did some tasty stuff for sure, never was taken seriously because The Cars weren't a "serious" rock band.


Steve Stevens WAS Billy Idol, Billy himself was just the singer.

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My picks would be:

Mike Campbell

Pete Anderson

Robben Ford


You know Karen, I saw Robben Ford follow Joe Bonamassa one night last year, man he's talented. After Bonamassa's set you kind of wonder, "Ford has to follow that?". Well he didn't disappoint.

Great double bill.

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You know Karen' date=' I saw Robben Ford follow Joe Bonamassa one night last year, man he's talented. After Bonamassa's set you kind of wonder, "Ford has to follow that?". Well he didn't disappoint.

Great double bill.[/quote']


Yeah Robben Ford is excellent! I saw him and Larry Carlton play a show together last year and it was totally awesome! What was cool is that they shared the stage for the whole show except they each did about 2 or 3 songs alone. Talk about the guitar show of the year! Only one song had any stinking words (words mess up good guitar solos).

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