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Hi gang, been away for quite some time. Had serious cervical neck issues to the point that I could barely move.  Did not want to even get out of bed, and playing guitar was the furthest thing on my mind.

Well. two weeks ago wentin and had fusion on c5-6,to c6-7, and I am kicking myself in the butt that I did not do this years ago. Abl to move and barely any pain. Had my post op follow up and  doc showed me the x-rays, and what a difference, still have to wear the neck collar for four more weeks. I may try to pull out my acoustic tomorrow and try playing for a little time. All that to say glad to be back and join in the forums. 


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Hi Pappy and welcome back. 😎 A new look here just recently. Everyones getting used to it. Great on you doing better. That's good news.  May God bless and continue to heal you. Take care and enjoy playing tomorrow if you're up to it. 

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Well I did grab my SG and played for about an hour, that is all I could handle at this time. It felt great to pick p one of my babies again.  Was a great boost to my wanting to get back 100%.

Hope you all are doing well , it kinda sux that my wife has had to carry the mantle for the past few weeks, as yard work waits for no one. But she is a champ, and does not complain.


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