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Gibson SG Standard or Supreme - Alpine White


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Hi all, 

I'd really love if Gibson will re-introduce the Alpine White colour for the 2020 line. It's fine to introduce new colours but I believe that the traditional ones should be always available... 

Look at the beauty below... I also wonder if might be possible to get a specific colour passing through Custom Shop but I'm not aware of how it works...


I also liked a lot the Supreme versions a lot but again no white option... The split diamond in the headstock is really so cool. Currently is only available in Gibson Custom (but only the black version is available...)



Now... think about a SG Supreme like the one above in Alpine White... with white bindings... OMG... That would be amazing!!! How many of you would be up for it? I'd be order that model tomorrow if would be around 😉 I really hope that Gibson will add more colours and options because I really love the flexibility and playability of the SG model. Well...fingers crossed for 2020... and let's hope that James ‘JC’ Curleigh will read this 😜


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  • 1fleetinglimpse changed the title to Gibson SG Standard or Supreme - Alpine White

I like the white also.   That one sure looks good with switch washer and top hats with the silver inserts.   

My 2017 Standards came without the washer and the black top hats.  Not a fan of those 😕.    I usually keep my SGs stock in the looks dept, but I did upgrade to the washer and silver inser pt knobs the cherry SG.  I think it's time I do the same to the 2017 Alpine White. 😉

it just don't look right without them. 




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