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welcome to 2019 - a gig no less!


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Know the feeling. I didn't play out for ages. Decades. Have played out more in a year than... I think ever. Including some touring in Europe, which I never thought would happen. Definitely a bucket list type of thing.

I even retained parts of my sanity and just enough of my liver to survive.


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Good stuff Pinch - touring with mates would be awesome! [thumbup]

...Well we went ok, fully mic kit and our 3 half stacks into a massive PA was cranking, and then it had a drama 3 songs in which dented our momentum and mojo a bit, but we got back into it and rocked the crowd at least. Been asked to play on a very cool and fun  pre Xmas gig with loads of great local bands which I've been to a few times and always thought it would be great to play so that's going to be exciting to look forward to!

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