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Back In The Group....

Joe M

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After buying, and selling, way, way, way, too many different Gibby's of just about every model, I sold the last one I had about four months ago. Can't even remember which one it was. Always admired every one I owned for their appearance and sound. And when I say just about every model, I mean just about every model, sometimes multiple tries at the same model of different variations.....15, 35, 45, Dove, Hummingbird, 185, 150, 200; some "regular", some vintage reissues. If you really want to be bored, check out some of my old posts. Anyway, spotted this '97 J200 on my local CL and went to check it out a week or so ago. The guitar looked like it had just come out of Bozeman, the only mark(s) on it was a very, very slight rubbing of the etching on the pickguard. Price was, IMO, very good, so I bought it. I've learned not to say it's a keeper any more (right, Sal?), but it's here for now. Just love the booming low E on it. I know, pics or it didn't happen, I'll work on it if I remember how to post them.....

Good to be back.....

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Congrats  on your guitar!

there are worse vices Joe...

did you enjoy sampling all those other guitars? I’m guessing yes.  🙂

i am now down to exactly three guitars... two Martins and one Gibson. It feels good. Enjoyed the ones I had, and now someone else will, or is. I still have two consigned at RUSSO’s.

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Thanks, guys, I guess my biggest problem was I'm mainly an electric player but always felt the need to have a "good" acoustic. So now I have the J200 and a Martin HD28V, all I ever need. Of course, I have way too many electrics, which is my true vice.  And yup, FZ, I have as many as I can, always looking for another.....

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15 minutes ago, 62burst said:

. . . and I missed seeing your big avatar around here.

(believe it was a Hummingbird)


So- you had a Dove through all of that guitar sampling? What was that like? Both Birds flown, I suppose.

Yup, my avatar was a 'Bird. One of, I think, 3, Vintage HB's that I had at one time. Plus a couple of "regular" birds. In my sampling (I like that term), I had 2 Doves; the first was a plain-top one with a built-in pickup that had both a mic and UST. Can't remember the brand, but I never plugged it in after testing it to make sure it worked before I bought it. Then, a few years later, I bought a more conventional cherry burst one. Wish I had the plain-top one back, it was a honey.....


1 hour ago, Murph said:

It's like you never left...

Murph, you're one of the reasons I like this place. I mentioned once before that you are the one here that I would love to sit down with and just play guitar. Really enjoy your videos of you and your playing partner, you guys always seem like you're having a blast.....

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Congrats on your return to sanity.  You did get me thinking about the number of Gibson acoustics I have let go of and I came up with three (not including one  my wife owned before we were married and later sold off).   All went in trades.  Only one that I regretted though which was a certain 1956 SJ.  That one went for a 1946 LG-2 which in turn went for a 1942 J50.

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