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Two Gibson’s consigned, and one in the door...

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Nick, I’m just using a plastic heavy pick that cost about 75 cents at McCabes. The strings are Martin Authentic 80/20 lights treated. Thanks for listening. 

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On 6/9/2019 at 7:32 PM, ThemisSal said:


Life is short, as we all know. Play them, buy them, pass them on if there is another, while the money is still there They are not loved ones, although they can be friends. I look forward to hearing yours, especially from the new members too. 

Just thought of something. I’ve probably bought and sold twenty guitars in the last dozen years. Each time I did so I made or lost a few hundred dollars... mostly lost. In all that time... in a dozen years... I probably came out worse the price of a new Gibson, and yet I still got to play a whole mess of great guitars. That ain’t bad. The One? I don’t know what that is anymore.






Just sedate and casual blowing some dough on a few guitars!


Check this out for blowing your hard- earned:








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On 6/8/2019 at 2:52 PM, ThemisSal said:

Thanks Cougar!  I might be the only guy who has natural top Gibsons and dark Martins... I wanted to be at one Gibson and one Martin... I wanted the Gibson to be a square, and the Martin to be a small body. The D15 doesn’t count... just because?..  🙂


its worth peanuts anyways. More value to me as a gigger.


That Country Western looks and sounds great. 

I tried going down to just one Gibson and one Martin. I still pined for, and regretted selling some the guitars I sold (and I had quite a few), and during their absence I bought and sold others, then was lucky enough to buy back two of the guitars I parted with, both from two totally different buyers. 

Save yourself some agony and do what I ended up doing...two Martins and two Gibsons, one rosewood and one mahogany from each. Since I did that I have pretty much had no want, need, or desire for any more guitars, and it's been that way for a while now. 

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