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Quality differnce between Custom models and LP Regular 2008 models?


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Pls. give me the differnence between a LP Custom (gold hardware - Ebony) and a LP Standard 2008.


I'have cancelled my order for the DarkFire and am willing to spend the same amount for either the Custom or the Standard 2008 that is affailable by my dealer.

Can anbody please explain what the most significant differences are between these two (already graet) guitars?

The sound of a Regular 2008 is well known by me but not the sound of a Custom models (and YouTube will not stand for Quality sound transfer)


A. Is it the sound? ( I will start playing mostly blues, rock & roll and old stuff (beatles)

B. I'm beginning (but I'm crazy in love with Gibson)

C. I have a 5 watt Class A The Valve amp. with a Solid Cable connection

D. Play for the love off those old blues inspired music

E. Like to have a quality product in my hand

F. Is it the looks of the model?

G. Used materials like wood, electronics, paint?


What can you advise me?

I hope somebody on this forum who owns both models can answer my question or will link me to a written artical that must heven been published about this subject.


Thanks from the netherlands, DAG ALLEMAAL

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You should play them.

I'm not going to say one is better than the other but they are definitely different. Neither have a solid body.

The Custom has weight-relief holes and the Standard is chambered. A Custom will probably be 3 lbs heavier than the '08 Standard.

Different pickups, the rest is basically cosmetic. They will sound different but both are excellent for rock.

Go to gibson.com and read up on them. There's also pictures of each guitar.


If you're going to spend that much money on a guitar also look into the historic reissues.

A '58 LP reissue is cheaper than a Custom but more expensive than a Standard.

I prefer the reissues but that doesn't mean you will.

Also, if you're planning on buying a high end guitar you might also consider getting a decent amp to compliment it.

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Thanks but with a The Valve I tought to have bought a nice amp, afterall I do not need power but like a good clean sound at whisper sound level. The Valve aka Tbe Bimbo is quit good at it.

It's no a familiar amp brand (Yet) in the usa, bur it's top qaulity in the UK and other parts in Europe.

But besides the sound are the great differences in other aspects between both models?

Wich one would you like more for blues and rock & roll?

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I'm in agreement with the Reissue.


If you are considering a 2008 Standard, then you might also want to consider the Traditional - which is really more like the Standard, than the new Standard. It's a beautiful guitar. I especially like the Goldtops!


If you are hell bent on spending more, then it will really come down to your own preference between the Custom or Reissue. Like some, I prefer the Reissue...others prefer the Custom. When you are talking about guitars of such high quality, it's really not a matter of which is "best", but rather which you prefer.


Do you have an opportunity to play all of them before you purchase one? I'd also recommend playing as many as you can of each, since they will vary from guitar to guitar.

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