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SG Coil Split Grounding/Shielding and Push/Pull Pots


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Hey, I own an epiphone 1966 Limited Edition Reissue SG with a batwing pickgaurd. I am thinking about purchasing new pickups and I had a few question about the wiring. First of all I would like to be able to have push pull pots to use for coil splitting and an in/out of phase switch, so does anyone know it the push pull pots will fit in the sg body since it is so thin? Next, if I were to add coil splits, I assume I would need to shield the guitar and pickgaurd; when I do this how would I wire the ground wire to everything that needs it as well as the shielding?

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I think, that unless you can find some kind of "mini" push/pull pots, that it will be an issue. You may have to install mini toggle switches. As far as extra shielding, I really doubt you would "need" it. But if you did add some shielding tape to rear of the pick guard, you could run a wire from the control cavity to the rear pickup route and strip  the insulation so that it will get pinched between the pick guard and the body, making contact with the tape of course.

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Epiphone typically uses "mini" push/pull volume pots for coil tapping on most of its guitars like the G400 Pro. For coil tapping your pickups need 4 wires plus a ground, so 2 wires from each coil and a common ground wire...

Note: a good soldering gun can be quite helpful so you don't over cook your components...

image from the web of typical SG style wiring.


You can get a prewired kit.. But if you get one, make sure it has the SG style selector switch and not the deep well LP type..


Note: push/pull mini pots (the rectangular pots above) are also used for controlling phase switching, not to be confused with coil tapping. In some cases where coil tapping and phasing is done using 4 push/pulls, the wiring can get quite complex....

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