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Nice guitar!

I'm not sure how the serial numbers went on those guitars, but there is a 1966 Casino on Reverb, serial number 434125.

1966 Epiphone Casino

And another with serial number 335787 that is listed as a 1965.

1965 Epiphone casino

Quote from A history of the Epiphone Casino web page ( A History of the Epiphone Casino   )  " During the time that Paul McCartney purchased his Casino in 1964 and John Lennon and George Harrison purchased their Casinos before the Revolver tour in 1966, fingerboard inlays changed from dot to parallelogram inlays and the tortoise shell pickguard changed to white. Pickup covers, which were nickel from 1963-1964, changed to chrome. "

I would guess by your serial number, it's somewhere around a 1968 to early1970's.

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