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Congrats, that's an awesome strat!  Happy NGD to you! 🙂

If you find a good one, the Player series can right up there with MIAs IMHO.   I love my Buttercream Player.


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On 6/11/2019 at 10:50 AM, rct said:


No, Multi-Vitamin Piss Yellow was a Limited Edition Guitar Center Exclusive.  It' s not Vintage White either, it's Buttercream.  Little more Yellow than Vintage White.

And you'd better gig that thing Ian!  Shame to walk past that for something else.  Take both!


hahaha i have one of those Multi-Vitamin Piss Yellow strats, but with texas specials and i LOVE IT! oh and the color is Canary Diamond hehe


congrats IanHenry, that is one beautiful guitar, when they first came out i was excited cuz i always wanted a yellowish strat (didnt have the canary diamond strat at that time) but the neck didnt feel comfty for me =( but its beautiful and sounds awesome

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