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6 digit serial number

Carlo guitarlo

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Serial numbers from that period are notoriously unreliable because Gibson - almost unbelievably - used the same numbers more than once. It is nigh-on impossible to tell the year of manufacture of an instrument from this era from a serial number alone.

Best idea would be to check the codes on the volume- and tone potentiometers assuming they are the original units. All USA made pots have a date code stamped on to the body of the casing.

As an example 1376925 would break down as follows;

137 = the code for CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply were Gibson's usual supplier).

69 = The last two digits of the year in which the pot was made - here 1969.

25 = the week in which the pot was made; i.e. the 25th week of the year in this example.

This, of course, just tells you when the POT was made; not the guitar. As Gibson would normally be expected to have a supply of pots ready for installation it is fair to assume the guitar would have been assembled some months (at least) after the date on the pot.

Hope this helps.


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