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Hi, what guitar+amp combo should I get?


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Hi guys, I am new to guitar and to the forums and was wondering if you could give me some advice.


I want to buy a guitar and an amp. What should I get?



I think the following will help you guys give me some advice:


1) I dont play guitar

2) I hate music

3) I dont have any intention to learn to play guitar and dont care for the thing (read 1 and 2)

4) I don't have any money but I asked my dad for some and he said: when me **** turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet

5) I don't have room for keeping a guitar and/or an amp

6) I don't even know what a guitar and amp is but I read it on the net and thought it would be a kickass thing to have around

7) I don't know what kick-*** means, I read it on the net also


Hope you guys can help me with this difficult decision, I am between a ford and a pepsi

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I think you should begin with a Ukulele and buy the Tiny Tim "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" BIG Note song book and learner guide.


Then when you can afford and amp, you just buy a pick-up for the Ukelele and a Marshall 100watt stack - it will make you sound just like this guy named Zakk Wyld.


do it, just do it.

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You're in luck. This is the demographic to which most of the guitar market caters. Simply go to any guitar store and they'll set you right up. Just be prepared to tell them what kind of a budget you're on and what kind of fashion statement you want to make.

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Thunder' date=' I think I found a good deal for you as far as the guitar goes:




Looks to be a decent instrument.[/quote']



hehehehe the description reads "the handle is damaged" WTF what "handle"? I think that's the winner... I always wanted a guitar with a handle ever since watching vai play his jem.


You guys think that kitty Rich signature amp will sound better with it?

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