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l6s delux 1970s--strange configuration--wine red--rosewood neck


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i found an l6s delux supposodly from the 70s but the serial number is 00166003 and is an odd wine red varnish with no selector switch and some type of polane on the rosewood frets--very odd--what are your thoughts..says made in u.s.a.---strange

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

A 00 + six-digit serial number dates to 1976.

As far as the rest of your post? Pictures will help us know what you are talking about.

The L6S DeLuxe was available in Wine Red and had a regular 3-way toggle instead of the Varitone selector switch of the L6S Custom. The DeLuxe also, IIRC, had a rosewood 'board instead of the ebony used on the painted versions of the Custom and the strings were 'through-body' instead of the usual stop tailpiece.

I have no idea what Polane is.


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I had a wine red L6S - my 1st Gibson.  24 frets, Bill Lawrence pickups, fast narrow neck with rosewood board, chainsaw case - should have kept it of course.

Hard to find now in good or  unmodded condition.

Polane is a kind of poly varnish more usually used on metal surfaces AFAIK.

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