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Ron S

Teaching an old dog new tricks ...

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Hi all!

I'm an acoustic guitar player. Been playing for 45 years or so... Lately interests have been Big Bands n Ballads, though I've played folkie and Texas 'sock' guitar for fiddle backup as well.  

Figured I needed to learn some rock styles and no better way to learn a style than to get an electric guitar. Of course one has to acquire an amplifier so what better way than to build my own? I got a CeriaTone 100w 183 ODS kit and put it together. Sounds great too. Now I need to learn how to rock n roll! 

Using an old 'Coffee can' EV SRO12 speaker (built the box it's in) and the 183. Dang! It's loud! 

Guitar's: 1969 Gibson L6-S, and 1963 Epiphone Casino E230TD,  and  a Martin D18.  

I like the 230 because it feels more like an acoustic. I'm used to 'squeezing' chords on acoustic and I get the sense that a lighter touch is required on electric. 

I hope to learn all I can about 'lectric'

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Hi Ron

My 1st Gibson was an L6-S in dark cherry.

They came out  about 1972 I think.  Wish I still had it.

Good luck, best wishes!

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