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Epiphone Fretwire?

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I have a new Joe Pass Emperor II Pro and today I decided to measure the depth of the frets on this guitar with a depth micrometer. I was getting 0.065" everywhere I measured. This is a very tall fret dimension -- tallest I've ever seen, in fact. Playability wise, it makes using heavier strings easier because it's possible to get more of my finger under the string as I bend strings. I've enjoyed playing this guitar ever since I bought it a couple months ago, and now I think I have a better understanding why I've felt this way. I guess I prefer really tall frets.

I have another guitar I'm very fond of, except it is about due to have its frets replaced. Before I bought it, it had had some rather severe fret work done to it, such that most of its frets are down to about 0.030," which is too low for me.  So, I checked around at all the sources for fret wire that I know of, and the tallest wire I can find is 0.055." Hey, if I can't find any of this super tall Epiphone wire, I'll go with the 55 wire, but it would be cool if I could find some of the Epi stuff.

So I'm just wondering -- anybody know where or how I can buy Epi fretwire?

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