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Lenny C.

Looking for all y'all's feedback on my 1st Gibson

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On 6/21/2019 at 4:04 AM, kidblast said:

It probably has more to do with royalties, and the like than anything.

I guess it depends on the video (who's doing it, what purpose is it for).   It's not uncommon to obscure brands and not just guitars.  In movies and shows when you see actors using cameras, the brand is taped over with black tape so you can't see what they are using.  (Canon, Nikon, etc)

Also if you watch cooking shows, when they use things like Bourbon, you don't ever see the label,  you can usually tell what it is if you drink the stuff b/c most of the bottles have some shape to distinguish the brand. (don't ask me how I know this..)

Yes, I see your point, but I'm also referring to when someone puts up a tutorial for a song on YouTube,  It's that person's personal guitar and he/she is not in the business of selling guitars at all.  Anyway, I find it a bit much.  Maybe I'll follow up on that when I'm in charge of the world.

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22 hours ago, Twang Gang said:

Don't feel too bad about it.  Hopefully as it was an auction situation you didn't pay a real lot money for it.  And you mentioned in the first post that it played well and sounded good.  So enjoy it, play it.  The fact that it is not a "real" Gibson doesn't mean you can't make good music and enjoy it.

For what little ear I have, it seems to play well enough.  And, as you say, it's the playing, the making of music, that's important to enjoy.

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