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Sometimes it really is the little things that make a difference...


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We had an old PA system hanging around for some time.  (Soundtech)  powered mixer, two way (15s/Horn) enclosures.   Wasn't using them, they weren't worth even selling really,  maybe some where around $175/200 for all of it.

My son and I agreed,  just find someone who needs a PA and give it to them.  

There's a luthier in town, (she's excellent) she also teaches, (good guitar player) and has recently started mentoring a group of young players  who've formed a band.  They are very good for their ages (15~18). 

I asked her if she knew any one who would be interested and she immediately mentioned these kids.  So I dropped them off at her shop and and she was going to see who among the 4 kids wanted the PA.   She messaged me a few days later, and said the drummer had room in his basement, and he was taking it.  That was the last I heard.   Was happy to know there was some one who could use, them that's all we wanted.

That was about 2 weeks ago. 

Monday I brought my 95 LP Standard for some maintenance, and I picked it up yesterday.   While I was there she shows me the email from the kid's mom who took the PA.   I was floored with the gratitude I saw in this email.  This was a big deal for these guys.    This old dusty PA system got cleaned up a bit,  (it all does work) and is at last back to being put to good use.

Dianne didn't want to take any money for the repair ($30) since this was a big help to her students,   but I left the money on her bench anyway, this is how she pays her bills.

We probably all got stuff we're not using and don't know what to do with,  well, here's one thing you can do with that "Stuff" you may have lying around and are not using.   a bit of good karma for the week goes a long way.



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