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On 6/22/2019 at 5:55 AM, jedzep said:

A few years ago I would have jumped on this.  I'd slap on the correct tuners the day it got here,  then I'd hold my breath and pull the pick guard.


and what do you think you'd find when you pulled the pickguard...  bare wood?  Seems nice, no cracks never been repaired - but yes the PG needs to be addressed.

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I buy great guitars that were they in pristine shape would be far out of my financial grasp, so I'd be prepared for the best or worst case scenario.  I've owned a couple of these and loved them for that punchy percussive flat picking tone.

Worst case...deep gouges from dumass hard strummers, best case light wear, which I'd try to clean up and go guardless.

For players like me, I don't think you could score a solid 50's LG2 for that price.  I'm this close to buying it myself, but looking at it now I fear the worst underneath.  Function over form though.

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I'd keep it exactly as-is, minus the tuners. So much vibe and mojo, and I (personally...but I have odd taste!) Love the pickguard. 

The FRAP is worth quite a bit of money. I've seen full systems go for $1000+, and even the basic setup in this guitar is worth surprisingly strong money. Neil Young's people bought up a huge number of the FRAPs that were left and they're extremely rare now.


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