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The ye olde hoary topic of the differences between Gibson and Martin...

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I've really got to know my D18GE over the last week. It's such a cool guitar...I would say that it's more versatile and dynamically responsive than my Gibsons, which is probably down to the Adi top giving it major headroom. I can fingerpick it with a featherlight touch or absolutely flay it with a heavy pick, and it just keeps on and on giving. It's very reminiscent of my Maple AJ in that regard, but with even more headroom and volume. My Mahogany Gibsons require a certain style and dynamic to make them sing, but in the case of the D18, my right hand is a volume dial.

Adi is a revelation to me-this is the first Adirondack guitar I've owned, and the punch and definition it has is astonishing. Note separation and clarity are it's strong suit, and notes literally pop out of the thing when played with a flatpick.

I don't play much Bluegrass or old time stuff, but the little that I do play sounds ridiculously authentic on this guitar. Lead lines pop and rhythm playing can go from a smooth wash to serious chop and clang. 

I'm definitely a Gibson AND Martin guy. This is the fourth Martin I've owned (along with an OM18V, a 2007 standard D18 and a 00DB Tweedy), and although I've always primarily gravitated towards Gibson, I've enjoyed every Martin I've owned, although the 2007 D18 the least, perhaps. The OM18V was exceptional, absolutely exquisite, but as a player I perhaps lacked the seasoning to appreciate the big V neck (I owned it 12yrs ago). The 00DB still haunts me...such a wonderful little guitar. I VERY reluctantly traded it for my SJ200, which I also love of course, but I miss the 00DB like mad, three years down the line. 

I don't think we need to be tribal about brand allegiance. Whatever gets you wired and inspired on the day, I say.

On another note, I recently VERY reluctantly tried out a Collings C10 (L-00 size, Sitka over RW), expecting to fall in love and have to mortgage an internal organ. Thankfully I didn't like it at all...not one bit. Very monodynamic and uninteresting, to these ears and fingers at least. The opposite of what I expected!!

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